At ALLFINCON, our passion and mission is to support in the financing and raising of capital of SMB’s to corporations in order to achieve their growth and development goals.



We procure and structure alternative financing for our corporate clients.

Our goal is in particular to release the committed funds of working capital and thus enable companies to finance from their own assets. In addition, with our extensive investor network, we can offer further building blocks or types of loans in the field of alternative capital procurement.

Growth financing

With regard to such activities, we prepare a joint analysis of the financing needs of your company with our investors and you.

Warehouse financing

We combine the know-how of three realms: years of experience in efficient, digital logistics, a detailed understanding of the requirements of the lending industry.


The bridging loan is usually a short-term form of financing, which covers a temporary liquidity requirement, i.e. bridges it.

Restructuring financing

In times of great change and uncertainty, you are realigning your company. In this entrepreneurial challenge, liquidity is of paramount importance.

Purchase financing

We ensure flexible financing of your purchases, from raw materials to finished goods. In this way, we create liquidity and optimal purchasing conditions for your company.

Evaluation & Exploitation

Remaining stock, warehouse overhangs or stocks from overproduction tie up capital and cause costs for warehousing or disposal.

Our values

Strong corporate culture

ALLFINCON is characterized by a strong corporate culture. Defined core values form the pillars that connect the people in the company with each other and at the same time represent the guiding principle for everyday work

We cannot change the wind, but we can set the sails differently.


Our partners

For a partnership to be successful, all parties involved must agree on the same strategic direction for the company and the client. We have set a clear, agreed-upon course for the business that meets the needs of our clients and all partners.




What are the current challenges and problems in companies?

These are, for example, disruptions in the supply chain, building up storage reserves and compensating for rising costs for primary products and energy.

According to a recent study by KfW Bank, 52.2% of all loan requests for short-term financing were rejected by banks
According to KPMG, 73.3% of all companies do not have sufficient room for manoeuvre in banks
Almost 90% of SMEs are looking for an alternative to bank financing in Germany
50% of SMEs want more flexible forms of financing



of financing requests fail due to a lack of collateral



of SMEs in D would change their banking and financing partner



of SMEs have already struggled to obtain the financing they want



of SMEs had to reduce staff in 2020 due to lack of financing

"Our Allfincon team has decades of experience in generating liquidity. Together with our large network of investors, we develop alternative financing that is tailored to your company. When working with our customers, trust and transparency come first."

Rainer Meckelein


At ALLFINCON, our passion and mission is to support in the financing and raising of capital of SMB’s to corporations in order to achieve their growth and development goals.